Interconnected Knowledge

Electromechanical Automation Controls

Understanding the mechanical for better, safer, and faster controls.

Direct Remote Support

If you have any device like a PC or laptop that is connected to both your controls system and the internet. We offer instant help with live shared secure token support. It’s that easy!


Remote Connect Box

Remote Field Service

Remote Connect Box is a small, rugged, customized device that is simply plugged in, and that’s it! We do not need your internet connection. Just plug the device into your PLC, HMI, or controls system. And we take care of the rest. Lease the remote box for *free and have 24-7 remote automation support anywhere globally.

*1 service call per year minimum 

Contact Us to get started.


Proven integrated results. On Budget. On Time.

Years of expertise gives the advantage to know how things are going to go with a project or service before it’s started. The term “I’ve seen it a million times” comes to mind when dealing with a person who is practiced extensively on a subject or task. This is apart of how ASLLC can deliver everything we do on budget on time.

Complete Remote Monitoring and Data Collection

Every single piece of data that you want from any platform you use, placed exactly where, and how you want it. It’s that simple

Field Commissioning Services

Onsite FAT testing, Acceptance Testing, FDA documentation. Start-Up, Electrical Control Oversite.

Electro-Mechanical Legacy

Upgrading old control systems is eventually necessary and costly. Our outside in approach to updating your process is proven to cover all the points. Our objective is to deliver a newly updated system. An update that is electro-mechanical in scope. A system that operates new, with years and years of trouble free operation.


Consulting Solutions

Experience, with cutting edge proven technics. Integrity, with secure AI encrypted work spaces.  Lets get together and start the conversation.


Custom control systems with proven materials and design practices for decades of reliable service. Our experienced partners ensure top quality with the best components using the latest proven technology.

Research and Development

Our impeccable integrity protects your company’s development assets while delivering experienced knowledge to push your project to the finish line.





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