Custom Integration

Automation Support LLC shines in providing integration consulting with the right solutions.

If only you could get that machine to make that one extra move. Or, Could we move the data from this and push it into that?

These types of scenarios and questions come up all the time. Sometimes, there is profit and efficiency in investing.

Remote Support

Lease the remote box for a low rate and have 24-7 remote automation support anywhere on-site, anywhere in the world.

Remote Connect is a small, rugged device that plugs in, and that’s it! We do not require your internet connection. Just plug the device into your PLC, HMI, or control system. And we take care of the rest.

Suppose you have a device like a Desktop PC or laptop connected to your control system and the internet. We offer a help desk. An excellent solution for a right now problem! Live support sharing control of your mouse and keyboard. GET STARTED NOW!

Legacy Upgrades

 It’s time to make that investment and upgrade your control systems.

ASLLC saves money by providing the right solution with the proper implementation. Keeping conversion, installation, and start-up results guaranteed around minimal downtime and quality.

Controls Systems

Looking at a new project?

Design, build, test, install, commission, and start-up across the spectrum of the entire control.

Need updates to existing systems?

Consult, plan, engineer, update and start with Automaton Support LLC.





3 decades of electromechanical experience.


Extensive experience in IEC 61131 industrial architecture.


Allen Bradley, Siemens, Horner, Ignition, Wonderware, SICK


Controls schematics with full color layouts.


All communication protocols




Panel Building